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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Q: Can I set alerts for multiple tokens? A: Yes, $ALERT allows users to set multiple notifications for multiple tokens.
Q: Can I receive alerts on my mobile device? A: Yes, $ALERT allows users to receive alerts on their desktop computer or through our to-be launched mobile app.
Q: How accurate is the real-time data? A: $ALERT uses real-time data to ensure that users always know when their triggers have been activated.
Q: Can I set take profit and stop loss levels? A: Yes, $ALERT allows users to set take profit and stop loss levels by market cap or percentage level.
Q: Do I have to put my private keys? A: If you are using our take-profit / stop-limit features you will have to insert your private key due to your positions being set in the cloud to be triggered at your limits.
Q: Will I be alerted quickly? A: Yes, you will be alerted almost instantly depending on what market cap/percentage you have put in your alert.
Q: How do I get more alerts? A: The way you get more alerts is shown in our ranking system.
Q: Why is there a ranking system? A: A ranking system helps keeps our system and our servers sustained, and not over-whelmed, by providing higher usage to users to hold more amount of tokens, there is fair usage between all users. Q: Do we need to use our seed phrase? A: No, we will NEVER ask for your seed phrase or anything of the sort, the only thing that needs to be added into our platform is your private key which is fully encrypted by bCrypt and we have no authorization nor access to it.