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Future of Alert

  • Phase 1:
-Initial launch of $ALERT.
-Coingecko and CoinmarketCap Listings.
-Website Live.
  • Phase 2:
- Expansion and new features of the $ALERT.
- Addition of new features such as price charts and historical data.
- Partnership with leading market data providers to ensure the accuracy of real-time data
- Expansion of the $ALERT community through marketing and partnerships.
  • Phase 3:
- Advanced Features Launch of the $ALERT web platform Implementation of advanced features such as portfolio tracking and advanced alerts.
- Addition of new cryptocurrencies and exchanges to the $ALERT platform.
- Continuous improvement of the $ALERT platform through user feedback and bug fixes.
- Mobile Application
  • Phase 4:
-Growth and expansion of the $ALERT platform to new regions.
-Development of additional tools for traders and investors such as risk management and trading signals.
-Continued growth and expansion of the $ALERT community.
-Ongoing improvements and updates to the $ALERT platform to ensure the best user experience.
The $ALERT token roadmap outlines the phases of development and growth for the platform. The focus is on launching the platform, expanding its reach, adding new features, and expanding the community. The roadmap is subject to change, but the overall goal remains the same which is to provide a powerful tool for cryptocurrency traders and investors to stay informed and make more informed investment decisions.
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