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Ranking System

The $ALERT token has four tiers that offer different levels of alerts and positions for users. Each tier has its own supply limit and the following benefits:
Tier 1: (0 Supply) This tier offers 1 alert and 1 position for users. It is the basic tier for users who want to get started with the $ALERT platform.
Tier 2: (100,000 Supply) This tier offers 3 alerts and 3 positions for users. This tier is suitable for those who want to have a bit more flexibility in setting up alerts and monitoring more tokens.
Tier 3: (250,000 Supply) This tier offers 5 alerts and 5 positions for users. This tier is ideal for those who want to have more control over their investments and get real-time notifications for more tokens.
Tier 4: (500,000 Supply) This tier offers 10 alerts and 10 positions for users. This is the highest tier and is perfect for serious traders and investors who want to stay informed about multiple tokens in real-time.
By purchasing a higher tier, users can increase their capacity to monitor multiple tokens and get real-time notifications. The supply limits ensure that the token remains valuable and exclusive to its users.